1. The Dalian Polytechnic University Campus Clinic is accessible to our students. If students are feeling ill, please ask the staff in International Office or the teachers who arrange for medical arrangement and pay at their own expense.
  2. Since all international students have to be medically insured, it is important for you to make sure that your health plan provides coverage for all hospital medical treatment. It is helpful if you inquire with your insurance company regarding the specifics of your insurance plan and its validity in Dalian.
  3. Students may also visit the neighboring hospitals near DPU.
Hospital Address and Contact Number
The Dalian Polytechnic University Campus Hospital
Address: The Dalian Polytechnic University Campus
Emergency Phone Number: 86323673
Third People''s Hospital of Dalian
Address: 40 Qianshan Road, Gan Jingzi District, Dalian
Emergency Phone Number: 86507500
Dalian Central Hospital
Address: 826 Xinan Road Shahekou District
Emergency Phone Number: 84438358